Flexible impeller pumps

Zuwa’s and Mencarelli's impeller pumps are ideal for use in the chemical and food processing industries as well as diesel fuel applications.

Zuwa pumps are self priming up to 3 m when dry and up to 8 m when filled with liquid. With its flexible blades, the impeller ensures good performance even with high solid concentrations. Zuwa’s pumps are also applicable for highly viscose fluids such as oil or honey. The pumps tolerate short term dry running (approx. 1 min).

The Zuwa range boasts a good number of solutions for pumping diesel fuel, including pumps, flow meters, dispensers, hoses and nozzles.

Impeller materials:

  • NBR for diesel, mineral oil and grease
  • EPDM for high temperatures, for acids and bases
  • CR (neoprene) for food industry applications
  • Viton for high temperatures, very good chemical resistance

The impeller pump selection comprises four series:

A multi-purpose pump with aluminium housing and cover, suitable for non-corrosive and non-abrasive fluids.
This model is especially well suited for transferring abrasive or slightly corrosive liquids. The pump features acid proof stainless steel housing and aluminium cover.

A pump with acid proof stainless steel construction for diversified industrial purposes. The optimum choice for transferring corrosive liquids. A popular choice in the food and beverage industries.

Flow range 3—370 l/min, max discharge range 2—4 bar, max temperature 90°C.

The synthetic impeller pump is for a wide variety of applications in the chemical sector. Perfect for fluids with various viscosities plus agressive acids, bases and solvents.