Regenerative turbine pumps

isochem rgt

Pulsafeeder’s magnetic drive regenerative turbine pumps are a great choice for applications requiring a high head but a low rate of flow.

The RGT series features the models RGT10 and RGT12, which deliver a maximum head of 211 m and a maximum flow of 72 l/min.

The sealless Isochem RGT pump is excellently suited for fluids with temperatures of up to 232 °C and viscosities of up to 100 cP. Thanks to its sealless construction, the series are a great fit for hazardous chemicals.

Material options:

  • Pump metal: 316 SS, Hastelloy C
  • Bearing: Standard carbon, extended life carbon, TFE (Glass Filled)
  • Wear plates: Carbon, TFE (Glass Filled)