PE & PTFE Series pumps

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Tapflo’s air operated PE & PTFE pumps are a strong choice for almost all chemicals.

In fact, the all-round chemical compatibility of polyethylene (PE) and Teflon (PTFE) is ideal. These materials have great durability against mechanical wear and high fluid temperatures (PTFE 100 °C).

For explosion proof areas, the range also features ETFE and carbon reinforced PE models with ATEX certification.

Like all Tapflo's pumps, the PE and PTFE have simple, highly functional constructions and are easy to maintain. The range also features special models such as barrel pumps, Twin pumps with double in/outlet and mixer/transfer pump combinations. There is also a wide variety of accessories available, ranging from leak detection and level control to batch control.


Capacity l/min


TR9 9 1/4"
TR20 20 3/8"
T50 50 1/2"
T100 100 1"
T200 200 1 1/2"
T400 400 2"
T800 820 3"