Gear pumps


Isochem yleis

11 EP V80 2 ST4W 10043783



Capacity max (l/min)

Pressure max (bar)

Isochem GMC1, GM2, GM4, GM6, GM8, GMH8, GM12, GM16 2,8—208 13,8
Eclipse 02, 05, 12, 75, 125 2-125 10,3
Eco Gearchem G2, G4, G6, G8, GH8, G12, G16 4,2—208 13,8

Since 1936, Pulsafeeder has been known as the leading manufacturer of industrial pumps. With its rich innovation and a strong tradition in research and development, Pulsafeeder remains at the cutting edge.

Pulsafeeder’s Isochem and Eclipse series feature magnetic driven gear pumps for the most demanding process conditions. Models utilizing conventional mechanical seal and packing seal solutions can be found in the ECO Gearchem series.

A wide variety of material options allows you to select just the right pump for the chemical you need to pump. Gear pump size classes cover a wide capacity range, from one liter per minute (GMC1) up to 200 liters per minute (GM16).

Pulsafeeder Eclipse sm


Gear pumps with magnetic coupling