Barrel and container pumps

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We offer a selection of electric and pneumatic barrel and container pumps for chemical and sanitary applications.The constructions come in different plastic and metal options.

The Flux range features electric barrel and container pumps with PP, PVDF, aluminium or 316 SS construction. Standard immersion lengths are 700, 1,000 and 1,200 mm. However, other immersion lengths can also be delivered when necessary. The pump motors are available jet-proof according to IP55 or splash-proof according to IP24. Pumps can be equipped also with explosion-proof pneumatic or electric motors according to directive 94/9/EC-ATEX 100a.

Delivery rate: 25—240 l/min

Delivery head: 4—35 m

Tapflo’s range of air-operated diaphragm pumps also features drum pump models. The pumps are fitted with a drum tube (1,200 mm), and some models feature a handle. For maximum capacities and discharge pressures, see under “Air operated diaphragm pumps”.