Caffini 1

Caffini 2

Ebara Dumper

Wastewater pumps

Caffini Pumps

Self priming pumps for pumping of thick liquids containing abrasives or solids. Product range covers Libelulla diaphragm pump series and Trashlib centrifugal pump series.

Diaphragm pumps operated with electric motor for applications for transfer of wastewater and liquids containing abrasives or solids. Applications in municipal-, building-, food process industries and many more.

Caffini self priming centrifugal pumps suitable specially for bulding industry. Applications for draining of excavations, cleaning of wells etc.

Nova Rotors progressing cavity pumps

Progressing cavity pumps of Nova Rotors are ideal for use in the wastewater treatment plants, where they served a wide variety of  slurry/sludge transfer applications as well as polymer feeding processes. More specific information of these pumps is available in section "progressing cavity pumps".

Ebara pumps

The wide Ebara range includes DL and Dumper –model ranges for wastewater handling.

The robust Dumper –submersible pumps for the most demanding applications. Pumps are equipped with sand protected mechanical seals. DL –series heavy duty pumps for wastewater applications.

Zuwa pumps

Zuwa wastewater submersible pumps includes Vortex and Supersand ranges.