Pulsation dampeners


Tapflo pdmetal

The offering of Tapflo, the manufacturer of air-operated diaphragm pumps, features a comprehensive selection of in-line pulsation dampeners.

Pulsation dampeners, as their name suggests, have been designed to dampen the pulsation created by devices such as positive displacement pumps and quick closing valves. Pulsation dampeners also prevent pipe vibration resulting from hydraulic shock. Dampeners protect the pipelines, connections and instrumentation. They also accumulate thermally expanded fluids in order to avoid dangerous rise in pressure.

A steady and continuous flow is created by charging the pulsation dampener with 80% of the system pressure. During the discharge stroke, the dampener is charged with the fluid, and during the next pump cycle, the fluid is pushed back to the discharge line.

We represent Blacoh pulsation dampeners that are made from a variety of materials and that come in different size classes. Depending on the purpose, you can choose a chargeable, adjustable or automatic pulsation dampener.